The Happy Accidents

book coverBy Jamie Beck

** Publication Date 21 September 2021 **

4 stars

Jessie, Chloe & Liz are in a casino celebrating Jessie’s birthday. They’ve made a pact (at Jessie’s urging) to take on anything that might happen that night. Things definitely happen.

Liz gets drunk and says some nasty things about her co-anchor on a morning talk show. The two men she’s with record it and post it. Needless to say it goes viral.

Chloe finds out she loves craps. And that she’s good at it. Until she isn’t. 

Recently divorced Jessie meets a man. The kind of man you want to fall in bed with, but maybe not in love with. Maybe the perfect divorce bounce back man.

Needless to say, what came their way doesn’t have the best of consequences for any of them. How will this one night shape their lives down the road? 

Sometimes accidents can have happy endings, but only if we let them. Jamie Beck has written an entertaining novel about the forks in the road we take when they come along. There is the fork that takes us along our usual safe path, and then there is the one that is more risky. All three women are faced with these choices, and it is interesting to see how it plays out in their lives.

Really enjoyed this book. It was a fun read, and at times thought provoking.

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