The Fortnight in September

book coverBy R.C. Sheriff

** Publication Date 7 September 2021 **

3.5 stars / This review will be posted at today. 

Bognor is a small seaside town that bustles with excitement in the summertime. The Stevens family, mother Flossie, father Ernest, Mary – twenty, Dick – seventeen and the youngest Ernie, have been traveling to the Bognor seaside and staying in the same vacation home since Flossie and Ernest honeymooned. 

Flossie is always apprehensive about the vacation. Ernest follows a tightly schemed schedule to make sure that everyone has a perfect time. Now the the children are older, they have their own ideas about what the vacation should be. And while they all have different plans, the vacation must be everything they expect.

A lovely little novel about a family with varied expectations about their annual trip to the seaside in England. It is beautifully written and layered with so much charm and depth. This is a leisurely story, not one that will keep you turning pages or on the edge of your seat. It is simple. This is a cup of tea and a wicker chair on your porch read. Enjoy.

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