Eight Perfect Hours

book coverBy Lia Louis

** Publication Date 28 September 2021 **

4.5 stars / This review will be posted at BookwormishMe.com today. 

Noelle just wanted to attend her college reunion and pick up Daisy’s envelope from the time capsule. Truth be told, she also wanted to “run into” her ex Ed and see how he reacted to seeing her once again. But nothing ever goes as planned, especially for Noelle. 

First, Daisy’s envelope is missing the all important camera that Noelle was after. Then a major snowstorm hits and Noelle is stranded on the highway heading home. Home is where her mother, still recovering from a stroke, is alone. And of course, Noelle’s phone battery is now dead and the charger isn’t working. 

Anything that can go wrong will, until Noelle meets Sam. Sam is in the car next to her. Sam is kind enough to offer to allow Noelle to charge her phone in his car. An extra perk, Sam is beautiful. It looks like Sam and Noelle have quite a night ahead, stranded on the motorway.

This book is funny and sweet and thoughtful. Noelle has been through so much. Puts everyone’s needs ahead of her own. From the very beginning you will want to root for Noelle to succeed and have happiness. Lia Louis has created a perfect little story in which sometimes things happen for every reason and none at all. Noelle’s and Sam’s lives have intersected at the right and totally wrong times for both of them. 

I loved this novel from start to finish. It kept me engaged, it kept me wondering, and it made me happy. A little bit of life and romance and tragedy all rolled into one perfect little book. 

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