A Magical New York Christmas

book coverBy Anita Hughes

** Publication Date 28 September 2021 **

4 stars

Magical indeed! Sabrina is a struggling writer. With a journalism degree in hand, she is trying to make ends meet with writing assignments. She lives in a small apartment in Queens, but has landed a ghostwriting assignment that is taking her to The Plaza Hotel! For several weeks she will live in the lap of luxury while she writes the story of a famous art dealer’s life.

Ian has been friends with Spencer Braxton since they were fourteen, when Ian was a scholarship student and Spencer, the teenage Lord Braxton, attended Harrows together. Ian has been as close as family to the Braxtons. As an adult he has become Spencer’s personal secretary, which comes with perks and downfalls. Spencer is a romantic. Ian spends an inordinate amount of time fending off women that would love nothing more than to be Lady Braxton. The Braxton family jewels are going on display at the Met in New York City. Ian and Spencer have traveled with the jewels to get the gallery showing prepared. They will be staying at The Plaza as well.

When Sabrina finds herself hungry late her first night at The Plaza, she wanders downstairs to find a snack. She comes across Ian sprawled on a couch with food in front of him. When he wakes, he offers to share the luscious feast of caviar and lobster spread with her. A friendship is struck. As the days go on at The Plaza, they continue to find themselves in each other’s company, which they enjoy immensely. But Ian lives in England and Sabrina in Queens. How will this work out?

What a perfect holiday novel about finding unexpected romance at the holidays. The Plaza is the ideal setting for this romp with its strong holiday traditions. Interwoven with the story of Sabrina and Ian is the story that Sabrina is writing for the art dealer. It is such a wonderful parallel of lives and experiences, taking chances and risks while you can.

Anita Hughes has given us yet another story perfect for a cup of eggnog by the fire. I love her holiday stories especially well, as they’re the romantic fantasy we all wish for during this time of year. Pick this one up to read while you’re enjoying a day at the beach or snuggled under a blanket on the couch.

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