The Family Plot

book cover** Publication Date 17 August 2021 **

4.5 stars

Think your family is dysfunctional? Wait until you meet the Lighthouse family. Mom, Lorraine, is obsessed with murder. After her parents were murdered, with the gun manufactured by their company, Lorraine’s life becomes all about murder. She moves to Blackburn Island to her parent’s summer home. There she meets Daniel Lighthouse. Together they have two sets of children – the oldest, Charlie, named for the young Lindbergh child and Tate, named for Sharon Tate, are the older two. Then there are the twins, born nine years later – Andy, named for Lizzie Borden’s father and Dahlia, named for the Black Dahlia. All subjects of tragic murders.  The children are homeschooled in Lorraine’s strange way. They write murder reports and have honoring for the victims of crime. They do not socialize with anyone else on the island. 

The summer home is now known to the locals as Murder Mansion. Blackburn Island has been home to a serial killer for decades, and the former detective Kraft was obsessed with finding someone in that house responsible for the serial killings. One by one, the Lighthouse children flee Blackburn Island and the insanity of their home lives.

Until Daniel dies. All the children are called home to inter their father in the family plot on the rear of the property. But when the groundskeeper is digging the grave, he finds something that will turn the entire family upside-down.

This novel is utterly creative and twisted and crazy in so many good ways. Dahlia is our narrator, and she makes a good one, while searching for the mystery of what actually happened on Blackburn Island, she finds out things about herself and her familial relationships that are eye opening. Each Blackburn child is tainted in their own way by their upbringing. Each child has unique character flaws directly attributed to this upbringing, and Collins does a wonderful job of bringing them to life. 

I really didn’t want to put this one down. You’ll enjoy taking this wild ride with the Lighthouses.

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