Never Saw You Coming

book coverBy Erin Hahn

** Publication Date 7 September 2021 **

4 stars

I’ve read a lot of Christian themed fiction in my time. Sometimes the religion is very heavy handed. Most is uplifting. Erin Hahn has achieved something I didn’t think was possible. She has created a novel based in Christianity that shows Christians as human. Fallible. Real. Struggling with choices and the legalism that can be present in churches. It is a true display of what it is to be a Christian teenage girl today. And it’s wonderful.

Meg’s world has pretty much fallen down all around her. Her good Christian family is separating. Her father isn’t really her father. Her mother, who has always devoted herself to the church and purity, is kind of a hypocrite. Everything Meg had placed her beliefs in, isn’t what she thought it was. She’s kind of lost. Meg will try to figure out what is biblical truth and what is the church’s own interpretation.

So out go her original plans go for her gap year. Her plans to be a counselor at a Christian girl’s dude ranch. Now that she knows the truth, she’s going to go find it. Her real family. Perhaps along the way she might find out who Meg really is. 

Meg will challenge those rules in Marquette, Michigan in the U.P. What starts out as a whim to find her true paternal family leads her to so much more. Micah, who is as lost and disillusioned with the church as Meg is. Duke, who is questioning his own sexuality. Her grandmother, Betty and uncle James. Being on her own along with her new friends will lead her to find some truths about her upbringing and the hypocrisy of the church she always believed so wholly in. 

Some might call this YA novel heresy, but I think it’s the best kind. It’s biblical. It shows Christianity in a light that proves it’s imperfect, just as we all are. What Meg finds out is what we all need to realize, that church rules are not necessarily based on biblical truths. This is real life is messy and will challenge you. It’s what is in your heart that matters. 

Bravo Ms. Hahn for writing the kind of YA Christian novel that shows us imperfect human beings just doing the best they can.

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