Never Saw Me Coming

book coverBy Vera Kurian

** Publication Date 7 September 2021 **

5 stars

Would you know a psychopath if you saw one? Especially if the psychopath was a kind, polite, good looking college student? Meet Chloe. She’s all of the above and going to John Adams University in DC. Chloe was given a full scholarship to college in exchange for participating in a research study of clinically diagnosed psychopaths.

The catch? No one can know about the study. And none of the participants should know each other. But Chloe is smart, manipulative and determined to find out who those fellow psychopaths are. Chloe also has a major secret. She didn’t go to John Adams strictly for the study or a degree (she’s pre-med, by the way.) Chloe has a mission with a former schoolmate named Will. Will attends John Adams as well. Will doesn’t know Chloe is coming, but boy will he be surprised when he finds out.

The professor sponsoring the study is a pre-eminent expert on psychopathy, but someone has it in for him. When crime starts happening on the campus, specifically to members of the study, the questions arise. Could one of the professors psychopaths have gone off the rails? Or is there someone trying to sabotage the program?

Do not plan on getting any sleep once you start this book. It is a page turning burner from start to finish. Chloe’s charm is bewitching. Her ability to see through and manipulate those around her is astounding. Her determination compelling. You’ve never met someone like Chloe and her scheming. Page after page you will wonder what is going to happen next. Between Chloe’s personal antics and the suspense of the crimes, it’s gonna keep you up at night. 

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