Where the Truth Lies

book coverBy Anna Bailey

** Publication Date 3 August 2021 **

4.25 stars

Whistling Ridge, Colorado is one of those small mountain towns where the locals keep to themselves and hide their secrets. Emma and Abi live in this small town. Emma is kind of an outcast, because she is half-Latina and her mom is a single mom. Abi’s family is part of the community, even if her dad is the town drunk. 

One night at a party out in the woods, Abi goes off with a local boy and is never seen again. Emma is devastated to lose her only friend and wants to solve the mystery of what happened to Abi. But there are so many standing in the way of the truth, and Emma will put herself in danger trying to wade through the lies and secrets.

I truly enjoyed this book. Written in a “now” and “then” manner, as the story unfolds, you learn the reasons behind some of the behaviors of the residents of Whistling Ridge. Emma slowly unpacks the story of Abi and her disappearance. Crazy and unpredictable, This is a book that will keep you guessing. 

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