The Sinful Lives of Trophy Wives

Book CoverBy Kristin Miller

** Publication Date 20 July 2021 **

4 stars

Brooke and Jack have just bought a new home in the prestigious Presidio Terrace in the Bay Area. It’s near enough to Jack’s work, and perfect for Brooke to relax and write her mystery novels. When the real estate agent reveals that living just next door is the Black Widow, Brooke is intrigued.

The Black Widow, Georgia, has been married twice. Both marriages have ended in deaths for her spouses – Eli took a terrible fall down the stairs, and Andrew swallowed a gun. Georgia’s best friend is the homeowner’s associate president and news anchor, Erin. Brooke feels there are definitely stories there, and though Jack is reluctant to have her pursue friendships with these women, Brooke can’t help herself.

The friendship triangle that ensues will keep you on the edge of your seat. These three women are quite the trio, with skeletons that are simply falling from their closets. What will Brooke find? And will it be inspirational enough for her to finish her next novel?

This book was pure fun. When you have enough money to achieve pretty much anything you want, the world is your playground. While all three women are very individual, they have the shared characteristic of being “trophy” wives to wealthy men. They live the kind of lavish lives that most can only dream about, and that’s where it’s fun to follow along.

Kristin Miller has shared a simply crazy plot full of situations you can’t imagine. This was definitely a book that was finished quickly, simply so I’d know how it would end. Loved every minute of it. Great beach or sofa read. Grab a mimosa and enjoy.

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