Everyone in this Room Will Someday Be Dead

Book CoverBy Emily Austin

** Publication Date 6 July 2021 **

4.25 stars / This review will be posted at BookwormishMe.com today.

Gilda feels lost and sad. Therapy might be what she needs. When she receives a flyer for free therapy, she arrives at St. Rigobert’s Church, where she is mistaken for someone applying for the job of church receptionist. Not wanting to correct the kindly priest who greets her, she takes the job. 

As a lesbian and atheist, Gilda decides she will simply play the part of a good Catholic girl. She goes to Mass. She dates a nice Catholic boy, while still dating Eleanor, her current flame. Gilda isn’t sure what she is doing is right, but she doesn’t feel she’s hurting anyone. Then she becomes involved in trying to figure out who killed her predecessor Grace and find a cat named Mittens, who may or may not have survived a house fire.

It’s kind of a crazy ride for Gilda, but it’s written in a very thoughtful and understanding way. At least if you’ve ever been feeling like Gilda is. Unworthy, unlikeable, sad, confused, depressed. As Gilda pretends to be someone else, she starts unraveling the pieces of her own life with a dysfunctional family. 

I really enjoyed this sometimes depressing but honest view of what someone living with depression feels and thinks. How despair can take you to the lowest of lows. Emily Austin clearly conveys the depths of apathy that Gilda is feeling. Like why live another day. It’s also written with a bit of humor and lightheartedness. Even in her depths of despair, Gilda can be funny. I suppose that is what keeps us going – the ability to laugh.

A bit slow at times, but definitely a good read. 

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