An Endless Cornish Summer

book coverBy Phillipa Ashley

** Publication Date 24 June 2021 **

4.5 stars

Rose Vernon has been to hell and back. While working toward her PhD in archaeology, she was beset by illness. So tired all the time, the doctors investigated and found she had aplastic anemia. The outcome was grim without a bone marrow donor. One day she received the call that a donor was found. 

Post recovery, Rose was able to finish her doctorate and move on with her life. Then her beloved grandmother who raised her passed away. When her mother came back for the funeral, she delivered a letter to Rose from her grandmother. In it her grandmother urged her to find her donor to say thank you. A closure to that part of her life.

So Rose contacted the donor, indirectly, and received a polite response. But Rose was intrigued. After applying for a grant for a summer position on the Cornish seaside, Rose isheaded right to where she believes that donor resides. What Rose finds in the small town of Falford might be more than just her life-saving donor. 

Phillipa Ashley delivers another perfect summer novel. The seaside town of Falford, the delightful Rose, the Morvah brothers and the entire community make me want to pack up and head there immediately! Ms Ashley creates settings that you simply dive into. Our protagonist, Rose, has had quite the life of ups and downs. You will definitely find yourself rooting for her and what she wants. The rest of the townies are unique in their own skins. 

The book is lovely and such a fun book to read. Beach, poolside or in the dead of winter, you won’t want to put this one down. 

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