Tell Me When You Feel Something

book coverBy Vicki Grant

** Publication Date 15 June 2021 **

4 stars

Warning: contains themes of sexual assault, addiction.

Davida recently started a job as a simulated patient at a med school. Seemed like a great way to get her parents off her back for being an introvert. When the most popular girl around, Viv befriends her, it makes the job even better. Then Viv decides that Davida needs to be with Tim, another fake patient, Davida’s life seems to be perfect.

But then Viv suddenly dies at a summer party. Davida doesn’t believe that Viv’s death was an accident. She starts prodding for the truth, but the truth is hard to find when everyone has a secret. 

Flew through this book. Told from multiple points of view and through police interviews, this YA novel is the perfect blend of teen life and crime thriller. No one knows what really goes on behind the scenes of these teen “model” citizens. Vicki Grant exposes the pressures teens can be under and how they cope with them.

Definitely recommend this one. 

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