Songs in Ursa Major

book coverBy Emma Brodie

** Publication Date 22 June 2021 **

Sometimes all you need a bit of luck to make your dreams come true. For Jane Quinn, performing on the big stage at her local music festival was that dream. She and her band, The Breakers, had been playing together locally for years. The Breakers were popular in her hometown, but that was it for them. 

Just as they were about to perform on that second stage when they were called to the main stage. The featured performer, Jesse Reid, was unable to perform, and The Breakers were going to sub for him. As the chants and the boos and the storm of people to the exits ensued, Jane took control and began to sing Jesse’s most popular song. 

Dreams can come true, right? This novel follows Jane and Jesse and the other Breakers and bandmates through the raucous music scene of the late ‘60s and into the ‘70s. Mostly focusing on Jane and what it took to be a strong woman in a male industry during those years. Jane is a fierce independent not willing to bow to the wills of others. She is a strong female voice, even when the world seems to be coming down around her.

Emma Brodie’s novel is a gift. It is a fun journey through those wild times and the music that was the soundtrack. Although I didn’t have the pleasure of being old enough to enjoy this brief point in time, from what I remember about the era, it seems spot on. Peace, love, the whole hippiness of the era is woven through this book. There is a lot of reality scattered through the fictional lives of Jane and Jesse. It is historically well done.

Would love to see this one turned into a movie! Fell in love with Jane and her strength. Enjoyed this book and all five stars of it. Absolutely recommend for readers who loved Almost Famous, Daisy Jones and The Six, and rock and roll.

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