A Distant Grave

book coverBy Sarah Stewart Taylor

** Publication Date 22 June 2021 **

4 stars

Having enjoyed getting to know Maggie D’Arcy and all in the first novel in this series, I couldn’t wait to tackle the next adventure in Detective Lt D’Arcy’s life. 

This time around, Maggie is tasked with finding the murderer of an Irish national on the shores of Long Island. Gabriel Treacy was in the US for unknown reasons, alone on a beach, the night he was killed. Maggie and her partner Dave are called to the scene, and begin the job of looking for clues as to why someone would want to kill this man.

Because Maggie has a trip to Ireland planned anyway, her superior asks her to look into the background of Treacy while she is there. It gives Maggie a chance to reconnect with her Irish counterparts in the Garda, Roly and Griz. Although Maggie’s trip is supposed to be a vacation with her significant other, Conor and his son, Adrien, Maggie hopes that this trip will allow her to get some work done as well.

As Maggie learns more about Treacy and his history, the threads of his life weave an interesting story but don’t give exact clues into why he would have been in America. However, crimes are then committed in Ireland that lead right back to Treacy, connecting his murder with the crimes in Ireland. Could somehow all of this be connected?

Taylor once again gives us a brilliant crime novel with plenty of questions to be answered. Maggie D’Arcy is such a fine detective, but her personal life is one to enjoy learning about as well. I love Taylor’s ability to put us on both shores of the world – the US and Ireland – teach us about life over there as well as police work in both places. With deft skill and writing, her novels are so much fun to read. 

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