The Lost Boys of Montauk

book coverBy Amanda M. Fairbanks

** Publication Date 25 May 2021**

4.75 stars

In March 1984 a fishing boat went down in the Atlantic during a storm. No, not the Andrea Gail, the F/V known as the Wind Blown. With four fishermen on board, no mayday was sounded, no distress calls, no known location. All that is known is that the Wind Blown was out in that storm and neither the boat nor fishermen ever returned home.

But it’s more than just a story about a downed vessel. Fairbanks does a journalist’s job of going deep into the story to share the lives of the four men on board – Mike Stedman, the captain; Dave Connick, Michael Vigilant and Scott Clarke – the three mates. She shares how their worlds collided on a dock in Montauk and how the people left behind have survived this tragedy. 

Fairbanks ability to sort through the fluff, which is all most survivors want to share about deceased friends and family members, and get down to the nitty gritty, the not so pretty stuff. In the end, we know more about how these four ended up at the bottom of the sea, and the trauma left behind by their loss.

This is a compelling novel. Sharing the stories of these families is important to their future generations and the fishing community that they not be forgotten. Well written and researched, it is a book that will be enjoyed by fans of real life drama. 

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