Learning to Talk to Plants

book coverBy Marta Orriols

Translated by Mara Fay Lethem

** Publication Date 15 June 2021 **

3.75 stars

Paula is grieving. Having suffered not one loss, with the death of her partner, but the loss of him shortly before his actual death. Mauro had just told Paula that their relationship was over.

Now she is trying to move forward with her life as a neonatologist and a single woman. Very few people know that Mauro was ending their relationship, and so everyone expects her to be grieving for his death. Paula shares with us her grief, anger, and despondency in a beautifully written novel by Orriols. 

When reading a translated novel, it’s not only the original writing, but the masterful translation that is needed to convey the story. Lethem has done such an amazing job of giving us a slow moving story with beautiful prose. This is not a “read it one sitting” novel. It is one to be savored. It is a very thoughtful story that is paced for us to absorb Paula’s grief the same way she appears to be moving, slowly.

Recommended for it’s lovely writing.

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