Learning to Speak Southern

By Lindsey Rogers Cook

** Publication Date 1 June 2021 **

4.5 stars

After years of fleeing from place to place, Lex finds herself in a hospital in Bali without many choices. Her ex-boyfriend wants to reach out to someone for her, and Lex blurts out that he can reach out to her godmother. With no other choices, Lex is forced to accept her godmother’s help and that includes moving back to Memphis. 

Lex had never planned to go back to Memphis, but here she is, staying with the godmother she wished had been her real mother. Lex never understood her mother, or thought that her mother had really wanted her. Lex had always fled to her godmother, Cami’s, for sanctuary. Now that she’s back and her mother has passed, it’s time for Lex to find out the real story. Cami has a stack of letters from Lex’s late mother that she will give to Lex as she deems fitting. So through the old journals of her mother and Cami’s letters, Lex may finally find a way to understand her family and find her way home.

Loved every minute of this book. Lex’s story was so compelling. Traveling the world is something most people dream of. But Lex’s reasons for doing it are not the same as most. This story has a lot of tragic elements, people facing up to decisions they’ve made and facing some demons as well. It delves into emotions and how we justify our actions to ourselves. 

Lindsey Rogers Cook is a fabulous storyteller. She exceeded at weaving together all the pieces of this novel. The characters are multi-dimensional. I definitely want to read her previous novel now that I’ve had a taste of her writing. 

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