The Family Recipe

book coverBook Two of the Anderson Creek series

By K.T. Egan

** Publication Date 4 May 2021**

4 stars

When Cheyenne’s grandfather dies, the whole family gathers at his homestead to pay their respects. Cheyenne wonders what will happen to the home now that he’s gone. Then at the reading of the will, she has the shock of her life – the home has been left to her. Now she has to uproot her life in New York, where she has a thriving bakery, and move back to Penn Ridge. 

Starting her life over wasn’t what Cheyenne expected to be doing, but starting over, a new bakery, life back where she spent all her summers, maybe won’t be such a bad thing. Especially when she gets to spend time around the handsome handyman who’s been taking care of the property.

This book was a fun, light read. I have not read the first book in the series, but there was not really any “catching up” to do. It read as a standalone, which I always appreciate. While there is definitely romance in the novel, it is more about Cheyenne finding her independence and her comfort zone with things she never thought she would. Although the story does get told from both Jesse’s and Cheyenne’s points of view, the focus is on Cheyenne. 

Fun read. Easy and quick. Definitely would recommend and will probably read the rest of the series as it’s released.

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