Rise of the Savior: Acolyte of Truth

book coverBy Antoine Bonner

** Publication Date 16 February 2021 **

3 stars

Amanda has just found out she has special powers. There is a deity buried within her that comes to life when her life is about to end. Amanda’s life is about to change dramatically. This deity, along with her kundalini, are going to teach her how to use these powers and fight evil. Thankfully, her sister Saira has also just been granted her special powers, so they’ll be able to fight evil together.

While the concept of this book is what grabbed me, I was really disappointed in the execution. I found the dialogue and the writing difficult to follow. The story itself was good, which is why I continued to read. In many ways, it almost felt like a comic book that was changed to a novel. Either way, great story. I am assuming there will be more in the series. Hoping that the writing will improve.

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