On Cold Ground: Detective Karen Hart Series

book coverBy D.S.Butler

** Publication Date 25 March 2021 **

4 stars

In the continuing series of DS Karen Hart mysteries, this novel finds Karen still working on her corruption case, as well as being first at the scene in a grisly murder. It’s Christmastime and while shopping with her romantic partner Mike, she comes upon a man who has had his throat slashed and a cross carved into his forehead. Could it be the work of a ritualistic killer? As the man was found in a cathedral, it’s possible. 

The team is also on the case of a hit and run murder of a small boy. No one has seen anything. Even after poring over endless footage of CCTV cameras in the area, there is no suspect. With these two murders the team is somewhat overtaxed. After a threatening letter is left on the DI’s doorstep, a second team from another precinct is brought in to help out. Karen is none too fond of the new DI that is taking over, as he’s been a suspect in her corruption case. 

I have greatly enjoyed this series. Set in Lincolnshire, England, one can just imagine how pretty the area where the cathedral is located. These well written crime procedurals are fun to read, and the author does a good job of keeping the killer under wraps. My mind went from one character to another, never suspecting in the end, the true killer. I certainly hope this isn’t the end of the line for our DS Hart. 

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