Ember of Night

book coverBy Molly E. Lee

4.5 stars

Harley’s father has beaten her again and again. Making her feel like less than the ground walked upon. Meanwhile her intent is to shield her 7 year old half-sister Ray from that anger and venom. To protect her until Harley’s 18th birthday, just around the corner, when hopefully they can both escape his wrath for good.

Then one night when she is out with her best friend Kai, she meets a mysterious stranger. Draven is sexy and dark and entrancing. He takes her breath away. But it’s a chance meeting, and she’s sure she will never see him again. Until he shows up at her job as a new hire. Now Draven and Harley will be thrown together in more ways that one. 

Draven tells Harley she is going to change the world. But with her father’s words lingering in the back of her brain, she can’t help but laugh it off. Until the world starts to change around her and she has to accept that she’s not the worthless teen she’s always been led to believe.

WOW. Molly E Lee’s tale of supernatural powers and the fall of the earth is mesmerizing. Harley is a downtrodden teen fighting for every scrap of self-esteem she can find. Perhaps not your typical teen, but I am sure there are many out there that will relate to Harley’s feelings. Ray, the beautiful younger sister, with a precious gift of pureness and the artistic ability to relay it. The confounding Draven who is so exasperating and mysterious. Kai, the good boy who has always been by Harley’s side. Nathan, Harley’s boss and friend who makes sure that Harley and Ray always have a safe house. Every character is written with detail. The characters completely drive this story and make it a page turner. 

Considered a young adult novel, I would rate this definitely PG-13 for the violence, sex and profanity scattered throughout. For those teens who love fantasy novels, this is a must-read. So excited to see the next book and find out what’s in store for round two.

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