Bookshop by the Sea

book coverBy Denise Hunter

** Publication Date 13 April 2021 **

4 stars

Sophie Lawson is starting over. For years she put her life on hold to care for her ailing mother and siblings. Now she’s moved to Piper’s Cove where she will be opening a bookstore, a dream that she shared with her late mother.  Today is the day when her younger sister will marry and then Sophie is on her own.

But first Sophie needs to get through the wedding and seeing her ex for the first time in years. Years since he walked away from their relationship that she thought was solid. Years that she’s tried to move on but hasn’t been so successful. Sophie is still carrying quite a grudge. Hopefully she can get through this without too much trouble. Then a hurricane hits and all Sophie’s plans are thrown to the wind. 

From prolific writer Denise Hunter is another Hallmark movie-worthy book. I was so in need of this book to lighten my mood and take me away to a beautiful location. What more could you ask for? A wedding, beachside location, former flame returns, family drama all combined to make for a really enjoyable read. While I’d never read any of Hunter’s work before, I am going to add her to my “to read” list for the future when my life needs a little escapism.

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