The Revelations

book coverBy Erik Hoel

** Publication Date 6 April 2021 **

3.5 stars

Kierk walked away from his PhD in neuroscience, because he had disproven his mentor’s theories on consciousness. Now he is living in his car in southern California, unsure of what to do next. When he is offered a prestigious position in a post-doc program at NYU, he leaves behind his car and homelessness and heads east.

Vowing to do better this time and behave like an adult, Kierk does his best, but his mind goes wild sometimes, treading between reality and insanity. He knows he suffers from some form of mental impairment, but he is determined to finally solve the mysteries of human consciousness. When a fellow scholar is mysteriously killed, he gets distracted. It doesn’t help that the beautiful former model Carmen, also a Crick scholar, becomes obsessed with solving the crime. 

This book was riveting and confusing and difficult and brilliant all in one package. For the layman, the neuroscience terms and language had me reaching for my dictionary time and again. The sometimes lengthy ramblings left me confused. Because this book travels between dream states and reality, it can be challenging to remember what’s going on. I kept the thread and stayed the course, because I wanted to know how Kierk and the other scholars would end up, but in the end, I was just as confused as when I began. 

Definitely a good tale, but not the easiest read, nor the most understandable.

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