The Last Secret You’ll Ever Keep

book coverBy Laurie Faria Stolarz

** Publication Date 16 March 2021 **

4.25 stars

Terra lost her parents in a tragic house fire when she was younger. She went to live with her mom’s sister, but has never really felt like she did when she had her mom. Not surprising, because no one can really replace your mom. She ends up in a mental care facility for a bit, trying to get her bearings. When she emerges, she attends a special school for kids with emotional issues. There she thinks she’s found friends and kindred spirits.

One night she goes to a college party with a friend from school. She’s having fun, but feels uncomfortable when her friend gets really drunk and says she’s going to stay the night there. Terra takes off to walk home, calling a friend to come pick her up, but the friend never shows. Terra finally makes it home. Hours later she is awakened by a man in her room looming over her. Next thing she knows she’s in the bottom of a well.

This book takes so many psychological twists and turns. Because of Terra’s history, you start to question whether or not she imagined what happened with the well. You doubt everything that’s happening to her. The author is able to truly make you wonder what’s real and what isn’t. 

I enjoyed this read. It went really quickly for me. While it is hard to imagine that this kind of stuff can happen to someone, in today’s world, it’s not such a stretch. Terra is lost and confused, her own mental state in question. Good psychological thriller. I would absolutely recommend it.

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