Down World

book coverBy Rebecca Phelps

** Publication Date 30 March 2021 **

5 stars

Marina’s brother was killed in a tragic accident four years ago. Run over by a train, everyone believes his best friend Kieran pushed him. But not a piece of Robbie was ever found. No clothes. No shoes. Nothing. He just vanished into thin air. Marina’s family has never been the same. She was shipped off to a private Catholic school, torn away from everything she knew.

But here she is, four years later, starting at the public high school due to her mom’s depression and her father’s work setbacks. Nothing is the same. She has no friends here, and no big brother to lean on. Robbie would be a senior. So that first day of school when senior hotshot Brady takes her under his wing, she is grateful and smitten. Then things start to happen at the school that are unexplained. Piper, Brady’s girlfriend and beautiful cheerleader goes missing. Marina knows what happened to her. At least somewhat. Marina is forced to confront Brady and whatever this DW is. “DW I’ll never tell” is etched on a bus seat, and Marina is determined to find out what it is and how it plays into Robbie’s death and Piper’s disappearance.

Let me just say that I was blown away by this novel. I stepped into this twisty, dark time warped world of very real emotions and tragedy but also science fiction to the nth degree. We all know that there are theories of alternate universes and wormholes, but Phelps takes it to another level with Down World. How one little slip of science and magic can turn a normal small town into a very dark world.

Read this entire book in two sittings. It was magical. Cannot say enough fabulous things about it. Hoping that Phelps will continue to bring books like this to the YA and adult genre.


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