A Million Reasons Why

book coverBy Jessica Strawser

** Publication Date 23 March 2021 **

5 stars

What if you took an at-home DNA test just for fun and suddenly discovered you had an unknown sibling? More and more often this actual event is happening all over the world. Jessica Strawser artfully conveys the story of Caroline, whose birth family was picture perfect. Parents that whispered through arguments. Who doted on her and gave her everything she needed. Now Caroline has that same “perfect” marriage to Walt and three beautiful children.

Then there’s Sela. Raised by a single mom in an artist’s community in North Carolina. Sela who gave birth to a son from a short-lived marriage. Sela who suddenly found herself being diagnosed with a disease that would likely end her life without an organ donation. Her only hope might be an at-home DNA test. When Sela finds Caroline, everyone’s worlds are turned upside down. 

For me this book really hit home, because I found my birth family through an at-home DNA test. Most people take these tests for genealogical reasons. Find out where their ancestors are from. Learn some family history. But for some of us, it’s medical reasons that lead us to get tested. In this book each woman has a different reason. The way that they are brought together and the turmoil that ensues due to a simple spit test was a can’t put down read. When you have no family, biological or otherwise, finding that connection is earth-shattering. Strawser’s ability to show us all sides of this issue made for a great book.

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