book coverBy Georgina Young

** Publication Date 19 February 2021 **

3.75 stars

Lona has dropped out of uni, is living with her parents, and still working her high school job at the local skating rink. Meanwhile all her friends are still in uni and moving on with their lives. But Lona doesn’t care. She doesn’t really see the point in finishing her art degree. After all, what is she going to do but create art anyway.

Lona’s mother disagrees. If Lona isn’t going to uni, she can find a real job and start paying rent. So Lona moves out with two friends from uni, living behind a curtain in the living room and paying a bit less. Her best friend Tab is still at uni and has a new boyfriend that she is smitten with. The boyfriend Nick is all about double dating, so they fix Lona up with George. Now Lona is smitten. George is a med student and in a band. 

Still, with all this Lona is still happier being on her own reading or watching Buffy (yes, the vampire slayer.) Lona is on a dead end road working at the grocery store, not making art, and barely making ends meet. Until her grandpa is hospitalized. And somehow that is a turning point for Lona.

Melbourne, Australia is the setting for this novel. Lona is somewhat likeable, since in a lot of ways, I empathize with her. Staying home and reading or binge watching Netflix is part of our lives now. Lona also prefers her own company and finds being with others exhausting – the true sign of an introvert. Young definitely conveys Lona’s aimlessness, the aimlessness of a lot of recent high school grads. However, there was very little growth in Lona’s character during the book.

Still, I feel that it was an enjoyable read. The short, brief chapters were a nice change from the last book I read. I appreciated the quirkiness of both Lona and the other characters. Nothing rote about them at all. 

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