Hadley & Grace

book reviewBy Suzanne Redfearn

** Publication Date 1 February 2021 **

4.5 stars

Hadley is married to Frank. They have one daughter, Matti, and are guardians of Hadley’s nephew, Skipper. They appear to live an idyllic life in Orange County, CA. Nice community, beautiful home, good schools. There are dark secrets hiding in this house, though. Frank is not so nice.

Grace is married to Jimmy, who is currently serving in Afghanistan. Their only child, Miles, is just a baby. They’ve moved to Orange County to escape some demons of Jimmy’s past. Grace took a job with Frank’s parking service company to try to get by. But she is barely scraping by.

When Hadley spies an opening to get away from Frank and take the kids with her, she jumps at it. Grace, after being double crossed by Frank, and having issues with Jimmy yet again, decides it’s time for her to make her escape as well. Neither woman expects to run into the other that night at Apache Parking, but they do, which sets off an adventure that neither could imagine.

As always, Suzanne Redfearn grabs your attention and hangs on tight. I flew through this book, not wanting to put it down. Hadley and Grace are both characters you’ll root for in this Thelma & Louise style story. It’s not a neat and tidy tale, these people are flawed, but lovable. Two women who have everything to lose, but also a lot to gain, make a lot of mistakes in their attempt to do the right thing. 

Wonderful novel. Highly recommend. 

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