The Wife Upstairs

book reviewBy Rachel Hawkins

** Publication Date 5 January 2021 **

4.25 stars / This review will be posted at on 22 December 2020. 

Jane is a dog walker in an upscale neighborhood near Birmingham, Alabama. She lives with a former foster “brother” in an apartment in a nearby lower end community. The only reason she lives with him is because she didn’t have anywhere or anyone else to run to. He’s creepy, but it’s all she can afford right now. 

Jane pines for the life the women in this neighborhood lead. Beautiful homes, nice clothes, lots of jewelry, and none of them work. Every so often she swipes something from them. An earring, a bracelet, whatever she can to supplement her meager income. She knows it’s wrong, but Jane feels they won’t really notice anyway. They have so much.

Then one day out for a dog walk, she nearly gets run over by Eddie Rochester. He invites her in for coffee to make it up to her, and something starts. Eddie might be just the ticket that Jane needs to leave her abysmal life and start over. Might be just what Eddie needs to since the death of his wife. Perhaps something perfect for both of them.

Lots of secrets and backstories in this one. Told from three different points of view, you get a little more insight into each character’s thinking and motivation. Just when you think one person is guilty, something else comes into play which twists your mind into believing maybe someone else is guilty. It’s written in a perfect style to keep you guessing. The title definitely gives a bit away, but not enough to completely understand what’s going on. 

Good suspense and mystery here. 

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