Housewife Chronicles

book coverBy Jennifer Snow

** Publication Date 12 January 2021 **

4.25 stars

Beth never expected to find out her husband was having an affair. After all, they had been together nearly forever. They have two kids and Beth is a devoted mom and wife. But there you have it. Her husband died with a smile on his face in his mistress’s house. Next door to Beth. Oh, and by the way, the mistress is also Beth’s yoga instructor.

If all that isn’t enough, things are definitely going to get worse for Beth and Gina, the mistress. Allies are found in unlikely places, though, and perhaps the chaos about to rain down on Beth will prove to be the change she needs to move on with her life. If Beth doesn’t kill Gina first.

This is an undeniably fun novel about adultery and love and friendship and family. There’s an old saying that everything happens for a reason, but when Beth’s life spins out of control, you almost have to question what the reason is. Jennifer Snow’s ability to write with humor and wit in a heartwarming way makes this novel special. It put a smile on my face even in the worst of the times for Beth and Gina. Though somewhat implausible, it is still quite an enjoyable read. Quick, fun, entertaining.

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