The Wicked Hour

book cover Alice Blanchard

** Publication Date 1 December 2020 **

4.25 stars  

Burning Lake, New York is known for its history of witches and the wicked. Natalie Lockhart is a detective on the Burning Lake PD. Halloween week is epic in Burning Lake, with a music competition, parties, costumes and the witchy themes of the past. Post-Halloween festivities turn up a corpse in a dumpster, and Natalie is called to investigate.

As I hadn’t read the first book in the series, I was at a loss understanding the complexity of Natalie’s life and grief. While I still immensely enjoyed this police procedural, I definitely was lacking context. If you haven’t read book one, read it before this one.

The Wicked Hour is a well told story of a detective and her demons in the town in which she grew up. Although book one’s story may have been a bit revealed in this novel, I am still going to read it. I enjoyed the writing and the storyline enough to know I will enjoy book one, regardless.

It’s a shame this book wasn’t published sooner with its Halloween vibe. Would make a great October read!

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