Dear Emmie Blue

book coverBy Lia Louis

** Publication Date 14 July 2020 **

4.25 stars

Emmie Blue’s life has never been normal. Her mom hasn’t been around much. Since Emmie was a young teen, her mom has been on the road traveling with festivals. Emmie doesn’t even know her father. All she knows is what her mom told her. He was a one night fling at a festival, a rock drummer. And then one night at a school dance, she had an experience no teen should have to suffer. It changed Emmie.

One day she tied a card to a balloon and let it go. Lucas found it, far away in France. He had just moved from England and was horribly homesick. He reached out to Emmie via email and a friendship was born. A lifelong friendship of two people who happen to share the same birthday. Kismet. Lucas had a very normal family and normal life and was happy to share it with Emmie. Best friends forever. Until Emmie realizes that maybe she wants more than just friendship from Lucas.

This was a really fun, heartfelt novel about friendship, dreams, broken promises, family and love. Life is messy, and Emmie’s may be messier than most. You’ll laugh and cry with Emmie as she finds herself and what she really wants in life. This was a hard to put down book. The entire cast of characters is so much fun. I’d read this again!!

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