Cobble Hill

book coverBy Cecily von Ziegesar

** Publication Date 10 November 2020 **

4.5 stars

Welcome to Cobble Hill, a charming neighborhood in Brooklyn. Here live a bunch of rather interesting characters whose lives are intertwined in ways you could never imagine. There’s Stuart Little, lead singer for the Three Blind Mice, along with his wife Mandy, former teen model, and son Ted.

Tupper Paulsen lives round the corner with his wife Elizabeth, an artist. Elizabeth isn’t around much, as she’s always off creating another piece of wild art. Tupper invents things. His claim to fame is a macaw that hides recording equipment.

Then there is Nurse Peaches. She is the school nurse at the elementary in Cobble Hill, but she’s a rather reluctant nurse. She’d much rather be banging the drums in a rock band. Her husband is the music teacher at the posh high school, where her son Liam attends on scholarship.

And let’s not forget Roy Clarke, famed author of the Rainbow Collection of books. He’s British but relocated to the States when his wife, Wendy, an expat, was hired as a senior editor for a famous magazine. They came to the states with their daughter Shy, who attends the same school as Liam. 

Absolutely nothing really in common, but Ziegesar does an incredible job of weaving all these characters into a cohesive story about live in a small, upper middle class neighborhood in the borough of Brooklyn. Each one has a story and a back story that is somewhat riveting. Their secrets bind them, and their lives intersect in the most common ways. The beauty is how the little things that you can’t imagine turn these very different people into friends. It’s a wonderful story that only took me a bit of time to read. I just couldn’t put it down. Loved this one.

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