Anxious People

book coverBy Fredrik Backman

** Publication Date 8 September 2020 **

5 stars

One day a man jumps off a bridge setting off a chain of events even he can’t fathom. Many years later a woman tries to rob a bank, failing miserably, but in turn finding a path forward in life. Five people arrive at a viewing of an apartment for sale, each with their own reasons for being there. 

Ro and Julia have been looking at a apartment after apartment without one ever meeting Ro’s standards. Estelle is there looking for her daughter. Anna-Lena and Roger have made a hobby of flipping apartments. Zara, well, why is Zara there? She obviously doesn’t fit in. 

Two police officers are called to respond to a bank robbery that has somehow turned into a hostage crisis. One is an older veteran, the other a younger, newer, but still quite bright officer. They have different ways of handling things. They argue. But most of all they need to understand what is going on with this bank robber and the hostages.

In other words, it will be quite an extraordinary day for everyone.

I’d always heard that Frederik Backman novels were amazing. I’d never taken the time before now to read one. I was missing out. He is a genius. The linking of each character’s story to another’s was incredible. Almost made me want to get out the whiteboard and map them. Every person had a backstory for why they were together that day, and every person was linked, not even by six degrees of separation. It was a treat to read this novel. It’s possibly one I could find myself reading again and again.

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