A Surprise Christmas Wedding

book coverBy Phillipa Ashley

** Publication Date 19 October 2020**

4 stars

Lottie is rebuilding her life after a devastating break up and her sister’s cancer diagnosis. She has come to Firholme to start anew and build a new life, living and working on-site. As an event planner, it is her job to put Firholme on the map. Make it a destination for every bride and groom.

Jay has also escaped to Firholme to try to start afresh. His breakup was also a horrible betrayal. He wants to hide in the trees and landscaping of Firholme with his dog Trevor. Never to befriend or open his heart to another human again.

Lottie’s and Jay’s worlds collide because they live right next door to one another on the property. Trevor is going to bring them together, as well as their everyday jobs. But neither is interested in having a go at romance, especially where work is involved. 

Keegan just wants her dream wedding, and this is a chance for Lottie to put Firholme on the map. Money appears to be no object to Keegan, as long as every wish is fulfilled. It’s just too bad that Keegan is marrying a man that Lottie had hoped to never see again. 

Phillipa Ashley does another lovely job of transporting us to a magical place. Firholme sounds like the ideal Christmas setting – pine trees, snow, dogs, fireplaces. She creates magical fantasy lands for us to drown in for just a short while. While her books may follow the path of a series, each can easily be read standalone. And this Christmas book is no exception. Let her take you on a trip to the Cumberlands and Lake District and enjoy a little Christmas romance.

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