A California Christmas

By Brenda Novak

** Publication Date 13 October 2020**

4 stars

Emery is a native of Silver Springs, but she’s hiding out now that she’s lost her big broadcasting job in Los Angeles.  She was fired because her ex posted a sex tape of them online as revenge for her breaking up with him. He was fired as well, but has since been rehired. Not quite fair in Emery’s opinion.

She escapes to her hometown, staying with a family friend who’s getting married near Christmas. The friend’s son Dallas is in town for the wedding. Dallas always had a crush on Emery when they were growing up, but now he may be her lifeline until this scandal has passed. Dallas has his own issues to resolve, still he feels like he can help Emery.

This may be book 7 of a series, but it definitely reads like a standalone. I did not read books 1-6 (of course now I want to!) and I still greatly enjoyed the book. Most of the characters are relatable. The story is filled with a little bit of romance and a little bit of mystery. California is not the usual setting for a Christmas story, no snow, no winter themes, which is kind of refreshing.

Definitely recommend this one to add to the December reading list. Especially if there’s snow on the ground where you are.

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