Magic Lessons (Practical Magic)

book coverBy Alice Hoffman

** Publication Date 6 October 2020 **

5 stars

It is the late 1600s and Hannah Owens has found a baby in a basket in a snowy, open field. The baby is wrapped in a blanket stitched with the name Maria. Perched on the basket is a crow. Hannah takes the baby home and raises her as her own. Hannah practices the Nameless Art, otherwise known as magic, and recognizes that Maria was born with the gift.

As Maria grows, she learns from Hannah. Right from wrong, good magic versus left-handed magic. Many women come to Hannah for love cures – ways to make their lives better with their husbands. Hannah is also known for her black soap that will take 20 years off any woman. One day a woman comes to Hannah for assistance with breaking an enchantment she put on her husband. Rebecca lives in a fine home with a wealthy man, but he’s not the man she loves.

Will Maria learn from the mistakes of the women in her past?

Magic Lessons tells the story of how the Owens women came to be cursed when it comes to love. It is a fabulous story of Maria Owens life, her loves, and the future she leaves for the generations of witches to come. Alice Hoffman treated us to a gem by going back in time, before Practical Magic to introduce us to the woman who set in motion what would happen for generations to come. Being set in the time of the Salem witch trials ties it into historic events, and explains how the trials came to be.

Long, but amazing, I loved this book. Hoping that Alice Hoffman will bring us the next chapter of the Owens story.

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