Invisible Girl

book coverBy Lisa Jewell

** Publication Date 13 October 2020 **

5 stars

Don’t even know where to start with a review on this one. This book had me so tied up in knots by the end, I needed a week to recover. Honestly. One of the best books of 2020 by far. Twisty, dark, sad, uplifting, surprising, empowering. There are so many words that can describe Invisible Girl.

Saffyre Maddox, a name you won’t forget soon, is a teenage girl who is in many ways, invisible. As a child she suffered a trauma that wounded her soul. Not to mention one by one her family members disappeared. Her uncle believes that therapy might heal her. So Saffyre begins seeing a child therapist, Roan Fours. After several years, Roan Fours tells Saffyre that she’s healed and it’s time to move on. She’s done with therapy. But Saffyre is far from healed. In fact now she’s feeling abandoned by Fours.

Roan Fours is happily married with two kids. They have recently moved into a somewhat gentrified neighborhood, in a flat, rather than a sprawling family home, while their family is home is renovated. Roan can walk to work, the kids can walk to school. It is a chance for the family to live an urban lifestyle for a while.

Owen Pick is an unmarried 30-something man in a teaching job with a dead end life, living in his aunt’s home, which just happens to be across from the Fours. His life consists of work and coming home to sit in a chair in front of the television in his room, as he’s not allowed to use the other rooms in the house. His life is pretty awful, but it takes a turn for the worse when he is accused of crimes he vehemently denies. Coming home drunk one night he sees a girl in front of the Fours home. He is the last to see her alive. It is Saffyre.

This story takes such turns, it is really hard to imagine what possibly could have happened to Saffyre, and who is the mystery person responsible for the sexual assaults in the Fours neighborhood? I loved this book so much. I don’t want to divulge much more than I already have, but it’s a page turner. Jewell skillfully makes everyone suspect. She finds the deep dark recesses of a dysfunctional family and the secrets they keep. Definitely read this one. 


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