Christmas at Holiday House

book coverBy RaeAnne Thayne

** Publication Date 6 October 2020**

4 stars

If Silver Bells, Colorado were a real place, I’d be packing my bags. Straight out of a Hallmark movie, this town exudes warmth, love, character and charm. In fact, it is so perfect, it could only come out of a Hallmark movie, and honestly, that’s not such a bad thing.

Abby and her son Christopher are pressed into action when Abby’s best friend Lucy’s grandmother takes a nasty fall. Abby lost her husband unexpectedly just a couple years ago, and she’s in-between jobs right now. Plus Lucy is rather persuasive. Who could resist spending the holidays in a place called Silver Bells in a house called Holiday House? Apparently not Abby.

Lucy’s brother Ethan has other plans for their grandmother, namely putting her in assisted living or some other situation. He thinks the time has come for grandmother Winnie to give up the huge mansion known as Holiday House. Winnie, though, is strong minded and determined to stay in her home. She has Lucy on her side. 

Abby isn’t sure she can handle Ethan, and not knowing Winnie, she thinks maybe Ethan is right. Until she meets Ethan and Winnie. Now Abby wants to fight to keep Winnie in her historic home, and fight the feelings she has for Ethan.

Normally, I would be immersing myself in these novels in December while sipping a peppermint mocha. Nothing better than fluffy, happy books with fluffy, happy endings for the holiday season. Read this one and you’ll fall in love with Silver Bells and all its residents too!

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