Three Perfect Liars

book coverBy Heidi Perks

** Publication Date 18 August 2020 **

4.25 stars

How mad do you have to be to exact revenge on someone? How far are you willing to go to make someone pay for a mistake? Enough to suffer the consequences? Enough to commit arson and murder?

Three Perfect Liars tackles these questions in a big way. Morris and Wood is an advertising agency in southern England. The book opens with the modern glass building burning to the ground and a body being removed on a stretcher. Three women stand across the quay from the building and watch it burn.

Laura is an account director at Morris and Wood. Everyone in the office has made the assumption that she’s sleeping with her boss – which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Laura is pregnant and headed off for maternity leave for six months, which means she needs a temporary replacement. In walks Mia, with decent credentials and no plans to try to take over Laura’s job. Exactly what Laura is looking for.

Until Laura returns from her maternity leave and finds that Mia has got the entire office and Laura’s clients wrapped around her fingers. Where does that leave Laura? Mia clearly has ulterior motives, but what are they? Laura becomes obsessed with finding out.

Janie is the wife of Morris & Wood’s CEO, Harry. Harry decided to branch off from the London office and bring his family to a more countrified and idyllic place. Or so it would seem. Janie is supposed to be the one living the perfect life out here in the burbs, being a stay at home mom and raising her two daughters. But everything is about Harry and Janie is fed up. Janie gave up a promising career to be here for Harry’s latest whim. Things just aren’t working out the way they were planned.

It’s a good whodunit from three different POVs. Janie, Laura, & Mia all have reasons to be the ones who caused the fire, but so do the townspeople and several others along the way. The novel is compelling in so many ways – showing the misogyny of the advertising business, old school male friendships, and vengeful women who have had enough.

Quite a good read I must say.

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