The Last Piece

book cover

by Imogen Clark

** Publication Date 28 July 2020 **

4 stars

Cecily has disappeared on an unplanned vacation to Kefalonia, Greece. Her three grown daughters are looking for answers, and their father won’t give them. Cecily, meanwhile, isn’t quite sure what she’s doing in Kefalonia either. It all started with an envelope and a picture. Next thing she knew she was packing for Greece. 

Lily, the mother of five, Julia, the GP, and Felicity, the ad exec, are all dealing with their mother’s sudden departure in different ways. Each of them also has their own secrets that they are keeping from each other. Meanwhile, husband Norman has kept a secret from the girls for years as well. So many secrets that each has, but most importantly for the girls right now, where is their mother?

This is a story about family, marriage, love and the secrets we keep to protect one another. But do those secrets really help or hurt our relationships? Cecily has kept a big one for many years that is now, possibly, coming to light. Cecily and Norman have kept one from their daughters. Sister relationships can always be fraught with secrets. In this family, all these secrets are going to cause a blow up at some point.

I truly enjoyed this book. Learning about Cecily’s experience in the 1960s (no spoilers!), her subsequent marriage, and birth of her daughters was an enjoyable trip through time. The trip to Kefalonia and the surprises that unfolded were not difficult to figure out, but it was interesting to see Cecily’s reactions to them. And then the sharing of the secrets amongst the family members brought a bit of drama to it all. 

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