The Black Midnight

book coverby Kathleen Y’Barbo

4 stars

Annie may be British, and distantly in line for the throne, but she’s not the royalty kind. Annie wants to be a detective and live her best life away from the throne. Grandmother, Queen Victoria, might have other ideas though. When the Queen interferes on behalf of her father to take away her “special constable” position, Alice Ann von Wettin finds a way to become a Pinkerton detective in the United States. While her family in England believes she is exploring her social options abroad, “Annie Walters” is solving crimes alongside Isaiah Joplin.

Isaiah is born and bred Texas, a lawman for Pinkerton who also has a law degree. He and Annie not only solve crimes, but seem to have found a connection with one another that is hard to resist. Resist they both did, however, when Annie finds herself back in London as Alice Anne von Wettin once again.

Jack the Ripper intervenes, however, and Alice Anne is recruited by Grandmother Victoria to try to assist in solving the Jack the Ripper mystery. Because of their working past, Alice Anne wants to include Isaiah to help with finding Jack, and put an end to the brutal murders occurring on the London streets.

This time, what will happen between Isaiah and Annie?

By far, my favorite story in the True Colors series so far. Kathleen Y’Barbo hit it out of the park with this take on the Midnight Assassin murders in Austin, Texas and the Jack the Ripper killings in London. Though she tweaked the history a bit in this historical fiction novel, it comes out very well.

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