What You Wish For

book coverby Katherine Center

** Publication Date 14 July 2020 **

5 stars

Sam is a librarian at a creative and fabulous school on Galveston Island. She lives in the carriage house of the school founders’ home. Sam is happy and bright and full of life. Though she does have a bit of a secret. Babette and Max started the school. They created a safe space where everyone can learn and be themselves. The hallways are full of beautiful murals, and the teachers are a tight knit group of friends.

Until tragedy strikes and a new principal is hired. Sam knows him. They taught together at a school in California. But the picture she sees isn’t of the man she knew. This man appears straight laced and uptight. That’s not the Duncan of old. Still, she has hopes that he will still be the goofy, lovable man that he was four years ago in California. The man that she fell in love with and fled the state to avoid. Only problem, Duncan never knew how she felt.

Katherine Center has nailed it again. A story that pulls at the heartstrings just enough without being too sappy. A story that makes you laugh and makes you cry. Each character has a unique and realistic life perspective. Center has built a school that any child would love to attend. With the kind of teachers that every parent wishes her own kids had.

The beauty of Katherine Center’s stories is that they do feature realistic tales with the right balance of romance, drama and laughter. She has the ability to pull you in and keep your attention from page one until the end. There isn’t a book she writes that doesn’t give you all the bits and pieces you want, and leaves you wanting more. What You Wish For delivers 100% of what you want. If you can savor it, do. Don’t try to finish it all in one night and then wish you had more! 

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