The Lost Girls of Devon

book coverBy Barbara O’Neal

** Publication Date 14 July 2020 **

5 stars

This book was phenomenal. I don’t even know where to start to review it. Just a wonderful story from start to finish of four generations of women. Zoe is the mom of Isabel. Isabel has had some sort of tragic bullying episode in high school that has traumatized her and prevented her from going back to school. Zoe is divorced from Martin, a musician, and estranged from Poppy, her mother. Zoe and Isabel live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where Zoe’s father raises sheep and is an artistic weaver.

Poppy is a free spirited woman who runs a shop in the town of Axestowe on the Devon coast. Poppy grew up in Devon and fell in love rather young. She raised Zoe in a commune in Devon along with several other children, Sage & Diana. When Zoe was seven, Poppy left to chase her dreams in India, saying she’d be back in a month. Zoe was left with her grandmother Lillian, a prolific mystery author, in a grand old estate in Devon.

Each of these four women has had both tragedy and triumph in their lives. From Lillian’s late in life career as a novelist, Poppy’s successful Kitchen Witch shop, Zoe’s career and motherhood, and Isa’s ability to write. Yet there is also tragedy in each of their lives that holds them back from being all they can be. O’Neal so successfully captures these women as whole and real and imperfect. Zoe smothers Isabel because her own mother didn’t. Poppy ran off to chase her dreams because her mother didn’t. And so the cycle continues.

Enough good things cannot be said about this novel. I loved it so much that I might have to read it again and again. The sign of a well-written and well-cherished piece of work. There is the human factor, the mystery, romance and reality all rolled into one amazing piece of writing. Definitely a must-read!!!

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