How Lulu Lost Her Mind

book coverBy Rachel Gibson

** Publication Date 21 July 2020 **

4.5 stars

Only child, Lou Ann, is a media mogul when it comes to her baby, Lulu the Love Guru. At 38, she has spent her whole adult life nurturing this baby, which has given her fame, fortune, and much happiness. Patricia, Lou Ann’s mom, is truly the love guru. At 74 and with Alzheimer’s, she has already managed to be thrown out of three care facilities for her “passionate nature”. Patricia likes to wander into other patient’s beds at night.

This time, though, Lou Ann can’t buy Patricia’s way back into a care facility. Lou Ann is due in Los Angeles tomorrow morning. Patricia has nowhere to go but home with Lou Ann. In desperation, Lou Ann comes to grips with the fact that Lulu the Love Guru is going to have to take a hiatus so Lou Ann can care for Patricia.

But she can’t do it alone. She finds a nurse, Lindsey, who is more than happy to start immediately. A few days later when Patricia decides she wants to go “home” to Louisiana, and her childhood home, Sutton Hall. Having decided that what momma wants, momma gets, Lou Ann packs up Patricia and Lindsey and heads out to Louisiana to fulfill her mother’s last wishes.

How Lulu Lost Her Mind is a wonderful story told with charm and sensitivity toward a difficult subject. Lou Ann is tasked with her mother’s now mercurial moods, but she shares with us how momma has always been a little bit on the difficult side. Gibson writes about the challenges of living with someone in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s in a matter-of-fact but in a keen way. A way that is not degrading or depressing, just the truth. The threesome of women have moments that are spit-your-coffee out funny. 

Rachel Gibson writes in a way that makes a tough subject matter something to be treasured. Lou Ann not only finds her mother happiness in her end days, but also finds herself along the way, learning things she never dreamed. Loved every bit of this one. 

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