Girl from Nowhere

book coverBy Tiffany Rosenhan

** Publication Date 21 July 2020**

5 stars

Holy moly, this is an epic YA novel. 

Sophia and her parents have just settled in the mountain town of Waterford, Montana. After years of moving from one place to another across the world, her parents have decided it’s time for Sophia to be a normal teenager. Or as close to one as she can be with retired diplomats for parents.

Sophia speaks multiple languages and is a sharpshooter. She has been trained to survive whatever comes her way. Except for one thing – Aksel Fredricksen. He is the hot ski racer who has survived his own tragedies in life, and keeps most people at arm’s length. Even Sophia. But when circumstances throw them together, Aksel and Sophia find that maybe they have more in common than not.

When I said epic, I mean epic. This is a YA novel that should appeal to people of all ages. It blends intrigue, international spies, high school girls and romance. Maybe the story is a bit over the top, but it’s a riveting ride. Sophia is tough as nails and an inspiration to any teenage girl. Aksel is every teenage girl’s heart throb. Sophia’s parents are doting, a tad bit helicopterish. Rosenhan’s ability to keep the reader on her toes is exceptional. 

I did NOT want to put this one down or have it end. Best YA book I’ve read in ages.

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