Everything Here is Under Control

book coverBy Emily Adrian

** Publication Date 28 July 2020 **

4 stars

Best friends. Inseparable. One boy. Both attracted to said boy. Only one ends up moving to New York and living with him. Carrie is left behind. Carrie who had a baby at 18 and has managed to become a sought after tattoo artist with a beautiful, but strongwilled almost-teenage girl. Amanda. Amanda gave up her hopes and dreams and moved into a dorm room with the boy. Living vicariously through his college years. Amanda, who now at 31 has had his baby.

Everything she ever wanted, right? 

Until Amanda flees New York City one day with baby Jack and lands on Carrie’s doorstep. Carrie. Best friend. Somewhat estranged for a while now. Carrie is the only one whom Amanda thinks can help her get through this postpartum nightmare she is living. The boy, Gabe, was left behind in New York City. No idea where Amanda actually is, other than knowing she fled home to Ohio. The question is, will she ever return?

Fantastic story about three people who have been intertwined for years, but have never come to terms with some issues in their relationship. I absolutely loved Carrie. Tough. Determined. Resilient. For me, Amanda came off as rather whiny and difficult, even though I’ve been where she is. Gabe was kind of an enigma. Or maybe that’s just his carefree way of living. No matter, the story is one that links together people and brings a few surprises along the way.

Gotta say, I wish this story would go on. I want to know where all five of these people land in a few years. This is a good one!

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