Crooked Hallelujah

book coverBy Kelli Jo Ford

** Publication Date 14 July 2020 **

3.75 stars / This review will be posted at on 7 July 2020 . 

Justine is a 15 year old Cherokee, living in Oklahoma with her mama and her grandmother. While her family does belong to the local Bible church, known by the townfolk as the holy rollers, Justine doesn’t feel like she fits in. She doesn’t want to be a holy roller. She wants to be a typical 15 year old, wearing jeans and hanging out with boys.

So one night she sneaks out and changes the course of her life forever. 

Crooked Hallelujah follows Justine from the 1970s into the 2000s. Through marriages and failures, accepting her past and future, raising a child, being part of her community of women. Through Justine and her daughter Reney’s eyes, we learn what life has been like and continues to be for the Cherokee nation and these women. 

Initially, I didn’t think I would like this book at all. It was a tough read and I struggled to even like the characters. As I continued to read, I began to understand Justine’s, Lula’s and Reney’s struggles with who they are and what to make of their lives. I ended up being entranced by Ford’s storytelling and writing. 

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