The Sunset Sisters (The Sisterhood Series, Book 1)

book coverBy Cecelia Lyra

** Publication Date 22 June 2020 **

4 stars

Grab this book for your next vacation. 

Cassie and Julie are half-sisters, though Nana would never tolerate the word “half.”  Half is not for family, it’s for sandwiches, or something like that. Cassie is Katherine’s and Stephan’s daughter. Supposedly they are the happy marriage. Julie (pronounced with a soft J) is Sophie’s and Stephan’s daughter. Supposedly the happy affair. Neither is 100% happy, as we will find. And though the girls were once as inseparable as best friends, it’s been a very long time since they’ve spoken.

With Nana’s passing, Cassie and Julie will be forced to confront each other and their demons in Montauk at Nana’s beach house. Nana has plans for these girls, and it doesn’t end with their going their separate ways. What Nana wants, Nana will get, at least these were her dying wishes. The giant table for 12 at the beach house attests to what Nana wanted, a happy family sharing meals and lives together.  

A beach read of the highest quality, The Sunset Sisters is a story about love and tragedy. About a family torn apart by adultery, lies, abuse and mental illness. About the best and the worst in all of us, and how trauma can affect every bit of our lives. Lyra knows how to tell a story. She gives us two sisters very much alike, but also very different. Shows us how an environment can shape someone in both good and bad ways. Makes the characters flawed, but likeable. All the elements of the perfect summer story.

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