The Mountains Wild

book coverBy Sarah Stewart Taylor

** Publication Date 23 June 2020**

4.5 stars

Maggie, who comes from a long line of proud Irish ancestors, is a homicide detective in New York. Back in the 1990s, her cousin Erin, more like a sister than a cousin, opted to move to Ireland. Then one day her father, Maggie’s Uncle Danny, gets a call that Erin is missing. Maggie hops a plane to Ireland.

During her stay in Ireland, Maggie meets many of Erin’s friends and coworkers, but no one truly seems to have known Erin very well. Maggie follows the leads of things Erin left behind, photos and notes, but the trail seems to simply stop where Erin was last seen. After Maggie has exhausted all resources, she heads home to New York. Erin is never far from her mind, however.

Flash forward twenty years and there is another young girl missing from the same area where Erin was last seen. Maggie is now a celebrated detective having solved a serial killer crime in Long Island. When the call comes to Uncle Danny that something has been found, Maggie reaches out to her contact in Ireland, Detective Byrne.  Maggie is suddenly back in Ireland, retracing the steps of Erin once again, and hoping that this time the outcome is different.

Absolutely loved this book. What a ride through past and present watching two young women’s lives forever changed by simple acts. Taylor has written a very compelling and page turning novel with multiple twists that I never could have imagined. She gives us light lessons in the history of Ireland and Northern Ireland, the IRA and Irish Mafia. It is all seamlessly melded together in a cohesive and very well written novel. 

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